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We value our relationships with all of our students and take pride in the lessons we teach. See below for a small sample of the many student compliments that we have received over the years.

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With the pandemic in full swing my 14-year-old son was frustrated with the lack of opportunities for physical activity. I was looking for ways to lose weight long-term and get into better cardiovascular health. With Grand Master Lee's help, I was able to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle and lost over 40 pounds since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grand Master Lee's path has made this a true lifestyle change, not just a simple onetime weight loss. I have watched my son grow physically and mentally since we started. Studying Hapkido together has brought my son and I closer. With our everchanging and complex world, Master Lee has given my son additionally mental and physical tools to navigate life successfully.

Seth Weingarten

I practiced Ju-Jitsu when I was a teenager and wanted to get back into martial arts for some time. Last winter, a few colleagues from work and I discovered Master Lee and the Hapkido Center. Master Lee gave us an overview of how Hapkido involves meditation, special breathing, joint locks, throws, kicking and striking techniques. We observed the class and afterward, spoke freely with his students to find that many of them also came to study Hapkido already having other martial arts disciplines. This intrigued me so I signed up, and have been a student of Master Lee since February of 2007. He is a friendly man with a great sense of humor. The classes involve 30 minutes of cardio exercise followed by 30 minutes of technique practice. The students and instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Many students (and myself) often stay after class for additional practice on the mat. Since February, I have noticed substantial increase in my physical stamina, mental awareness, and overall feeling of well being and self confidence. I would recommend this school to anyone who wishes to stay in shape as well as learn a unique style of self defense, that can be applied to any situation.

Peter Sushko

I started studying Hapkido with Master Lee about 2 years ago with my 16 year old son Joe. We had been talking about taking martial arts classes for a while; after some research Joe said he wanted to look at Hapkido. Lucky for us The Hapkido Center was close by so we went and had a friendly chat with Master Lee, and signed up for classes. It turned out to be the best thing we had ever done together, we both got into great shape and Joe became more outgoing, less shy and he gained a lot of self confidence. He is away at college now but Master Lee's excellent program will stay with him for a long time to come.

Peter Kohut

My name is Arthur Wong. I was introduced to Hapkido by my golf partner who I know for many years ( Gerard Bu). We both joined a Hapkido class in Warren. Because of a business issue with the school, we were forced to look elsewhere. There were not many Hapkido schools in the area and we later found Master Lee's school on a web site. I e-mailed him and he invited us to visit the school.After visiting school and talking to his students, four us joined that evening. Ever since then, I'm glad I did, I have lost twelve pounds since that day. I've became physically fit and more alert. It even helped my short game in golf. What I've learned is that Master Lee's teaching at the school is still very traditional. The first half hour is basic conditioning. Which at first didn't look much to a person who is just starting. It provides a solid foundation to the art itself and as one learns the series of techniques during his classes. You begin to see the benefits of the series of breathing techniques and exercises that is practiced in the first half hour and applying it to the other part of the class. The students in the class are very helpful in assisting the newer students. This creates a relaxed, informal but mutually respectful atmosphere. Everyone is helping each other to achieve the next level. Basically , I wanted you to know I enjoy coming to your classes and learning the art itself.

Thank You, Art

Thank you Grand Master Chong Min Lee. Thank you for helping maintain my health and getting my fitness back. I have studied several Martial Arts in my younger years. I studied Tiger Claw Kung Fu, Judo, and Karate; and wanted to get back to Martial Arts to regain my flexibility, stamina, and also to maintain my health. I looked at several Martial Arts schools in the Somerset area and even enrolled in another school in the area. Due to certain circumstances I was exposed to Master Lee's teaching and techniques. This was enough to make me join and study under Grand Master Chong Min Lee. Since I've started taking the classes, I realized the extensive knowledge Grand Master Chong Min Lee possesses. I lost over 20 pounds and with the Power Breathing exercises and I feel calmer and more focused on my daily activities. I am so convinced of the benefits that I am enrolling my son in the school. The school atmosphere provides a very strong support structure between the advanced and the beginner students. It is one of those schools that I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a traditional school to maintain their health and/or provide a strong foundation of discipline and self-confidence for themselves or their families.

Thanks again, Gerard