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Hapkido v. Other Martial Arts
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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is different than the sports listed below as it combines linear and circular movements: punching, kicking, throwing, twisting and utilizing pressure point techniques. These various actions allow the Hapkido practitioner to deal with an opponent using the appropriate level of force. Hapkido is taught as a true Royal Martial Art. The techniques can be applied to subdue, disable or even kill an attacker if necessary. Because the Hapkido practitioner has many options in dealing with an adversary, it can be used successfully by individuals of any size or build.

Karate/Tae Kwon Do/Boxing

These are offensive, linear forms of martial arts. They either rely soley on punching techniques (i.e. boxing) or combinations of punching and kicking (i.e. TKD, karate). These styles reward quickness and aggressive tactics that are better suited for individuals who are thin and fast. In all but extreme situations, these disciplines are taught in the manner of sports, rather than as a practice of martial arts.


These are defensive styles which employ both linear and circular techniques. They use power and leverage in grappling or throwing to defeat an opponent, thus favoring individuals who are strong, stocky and have a lower center of gravity. Again, these disciplines are often learned as a sport.